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Off Campus Housing – Living at College

Off Campus Housing

Heading off to college is definitely an exciting time in your life.  Choosing the college you are going to attend and the courses you desire to meet your goals is heady stuff.  Career choices … decisions that can and most often will impact the rest of your life.  But there are other choices that need to be made as well and these can have a huge impact your life at college such as On Campus or Off Campus Housing.

Where Do I Live?


If you live close to the college of your choice you can live at home. This is a great choice as there is no interruption in the routines of your life. You made it through high school living at home and continuing on through college at home works well in many cases. It is definitely a cost effective alternative and mom and dad our often happy to have you home.

On Campus

Living on campus is another choice. Probably the most expensive choice but you get the full life experience of being away at college. Meals are provided and good nutrition is assured. If you are disciplined and not swayed by those that are at college for a party (and not necessarily to study and learn) then on campus life can be a fun and rewarding experience.

Off Campus Housing – Renting a Home

Another alternative is to rent a house with friends and stay there and commute to school. This can be a scary proposition. Who is responsible for rents and utilities if someone doesn’t chip in their share? How are meals looked after? How do you determine what friends can come over for a weekend party? What do you do if it gets out of control? It is hard to go to school when you have had no sleep because of other people in the house.  If you are exceedingly disciplined renting a house can work and is probably the most cost effective method, other than living at home. If you decide to go this route make certain everyone understands the rules of the house and be prepared to be the tough one as necessary.

Off Campus Housing – Rooming House

A cost effective living arrangement is staying at a rooming house if there is one available by your college. You need to be able to live in a shared environment and get along with other people. Generally there is a shared kitchen, living room and bathrooms. Your bedroom should have its own secure lock. High speed wireless and a desk in your room is important. The management of the rooming house is generally not going to allow loud parties or excessive drinking on the premises so you are assured of good and quiet study times. If you can find such a place and it is close to your college then this is a good choice.

Off Campus Housing – Room & Board

Moving in with a family or a retired person/s for the term is a great choice if you want the  security and relationship of home life while away at college.  Private room and bathroom, great internet access and a friendly host that knows how to cook is a good combination. If you can find that and it is close to the school of your choice you can have the best of all worlds.

Off Campus Housing - Olds Boarding House


The Olds Boarding House is located in Olds Alberta and is a few short blocks from the Olds College. In operation since 2006 the OBH has been home to many  students as well as other mature adults over the years. Offering Room and Board for college students in the main house and shared living spaces in the Boarding House.