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  House Rules
Because Olds Boarding House is a boarding house rather than an institution, the “rules” of the house tend to be matters of common courtesy such as may be observed while staying with friends or family. Olds Boarding House is not a nursing home nor are we a Room and Board type of home ... rmore in fact a rooming house with a twist.

For the purposes of living in a small community, the “golden rule” is the best rule of thumb. That being said, outlined below are a few matters of a specific house keeping nature that Olds Boarding House asks residents to observe for the sake of common courtesy and good hygiene. It should be understood that we reserve the right to address every scenario or issue, whether covered on this page or not, on a case by case basis. Olds Boarding House is a non-smoking facility.

As per “The Rooms” page of this website, all rooms are fully furnished, but we understand the desire to retain the use of one’s own bedroom furniture. While we welcome this, as we want residents to be as comfortable as possible, we reserve the right to deny entry to any furniture we consider unsafe or a threat to our home. Bedrooms must remain uncluttered enough that a weekly cleaning is possible. Food may not be stored in bedrooms and heaters or cooking devices are prohibited in bedrooms due to insurance regulation.

Provided there is space, a resident’s favorite chair or other item may become part of our living room, with the understanding that it will be for the use of the entire community.

The bathrooms were not designed for the storage of personal and cosmetic items. Olds Boarding House encourages the use of toiletry bags or totes. As there are 2 bathrooms to be shared by all residents, one’s bedroom mirror should be used for hair drying, application of cosmetics etc. Please don’t monopolize a bathroom for “primping” purposes.

Laundry Room
The washer and dryer are at the disposal of all residents, on weekends only, for their personal laundry and are shared with the caretakers. For the benefit of all, there are set times for residents’ personal laundry. Please note that the use of laundry detergent other than that which is supplied by Olds Boarding House is discouraged.

We ask that each resident clean up after himself or herself after using the kitchen. As storage of personal food items is not permitted in bedrooms, a locking pantry is designated for each resident. Please label and date all personal food or beverage items to avoid spoilage or misunderstanding. We want Olds Boarding House to be as homey as possible so let us know how we can help.

Olds Boarding House isn’t an institution; it is actually the home of Ian and Theresa Conklin. Although the boarding house area is separate from the primary residence, it is still the same house with the same water supply and utilities. Most of the time either Ian or Theresa will be around and therefore accessible to deal with any issues or problems that may arise, however, we do ask that our privacy be respected. Unless something is an emergency, please make a note of it and bring it to our attention at the appropriate time. Likewise it is our intention to fulfill cleaning duties primarily between lunchtime and supper to afford residents their privacy.

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